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Paralised and helpless by precense part 4

By:Katie O'Brien
Date: Fri,14 Mar 2008

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Sorry that this story goes on and I am 100% telling the truth on this!!!
Firstly thankyou to all the people praying for me and sending out there best wishes as this is helping me be stronger and after you read this story please please all try to help!!!!
Ok I had all the things that have previously happened, and someone told me that I will somehow find out why it is happening and it would all click into place which I have now believe to have found!
Me and my mum stopped for no reason talking to my aunt which we both spoke to every day which we both are extremely close to and never understood why she stopped, even when I had my little girl christmas day we still never spoke. Then 3 weeks ago her old college friend called us to say her husband had suddenly passed away and she could'nt contact Jackie so could we pass it on. So I called and my uncle Terry spoke, kept appologising to me and then told me Jackie did not want to talk but then in the back ground I heard her say give me the phone it's my neice and I want her.
From that day on we become very close talking constantly, but for some reason every time she mentioned why we fell out I told her it was'nt important and that I did'nt wanna speak of it. On the day of the funeral we was all together, I went back to her house and was lying on her couch she sent everyone off and kept holding me saying how much she loved me, which in our family we do not do. She had told me she was not eating as Terry had kept on she was over weight but I never guessed she was annorexic as she was not wafer thin, but I did know she was drinking. Last weekend i text her children saying if mum is awake let me know as ill call god knows why i didnt just ring, they text back saying she was too ill to speak I ignored this as had arguements with my sister and thought nothing of it till the monday. So I called my uncle answered saying she was ill and he thought she should go hospital but my aunt being like my mum and myself are petrified of them. Then that evening i text my cousin at half 10 saying how is she and got no reply but was not really that worried.
My baby girl is fantastic and sleeps through the night, but that night did not settle or stop crying at all, then at 7 am I got dressed and thought sod it. At half 7 the phone ranng it was my uncle Jackie was extemely unwell in hospital and was calling for me. Straight away me and my mum was getting ready to go. When we got there she was delirous only knowing who I was and for the first time seeing my baby, we then got told the night before at half 10 when i sent that message she had a cardiac arrest and the doctors said there was no hope even after they revived her.
Things have'nt been adding up with what my uncle was saying and he has been constantly talking about religion and god which my aunt does not believe and he is jewish but preaching christianity. Then I remembered my aunt telling me that where he works there are some psychics that keep teeling him things about her and she swore they were killing her off!!! They had told him she was very ill and nigh on going to die which I know a TRUE PSYCHIC/MEDIUM is never aloud to say bad things. He told my mum these people told him if she goes tell her to then while I was at her bedside she asked to sit up and I heard him say if you wanna go just go and walk into it. Jackie is constantly asking for me and seems to come around if I am there, which I personally believe is because with the help of you lot praying and sending your love to repel the evil spirits around me is making her stronger and keeping them at bay. They have said her problem is through her eating which was because of him, and alcohol which we found out she was on at least 3 bottles of wine a day from what we have been told. He also told us she has got breast cancer which in my heart of hearts I do not believe as he reakons when they resusitated her they told him, but I know full well biopsis (wrong spelling) need to be done and she has had none, also said that the tumour was the size of an orange, and today I looked at her boobs and there was no size issue or lump. I really feel as if he has been brainwashed and in some way theses so called psychics have made this happen. And I feel the evil spirits came to me when I started to talk to Jackie again as they knew I would be there nemesis. Tell me if I am wrong but I truly believe I am the only one who can repel them and if by her side make her come through this.

Please can you all pray and send out the best energy you can for my aunt Jacqueline Catherine Duggen(maiden Name) For some reason do not wanna put her married name! xxxxxx
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Wendy Stokes said:

Dear Katie
I hope you can put the past behind you.
We are here to learn and the spirit world have huge learning for us all. I hope you can gain some peace now. Time is the greatest healer.
Sat,14 Feb 2009,10:46:57 GMT

Natalie Windsor said:

Hi love,
I replied a while ago and hope the advice helped. It is hard to give accurate advice over the internet - there may be many things you've not mentioned, etc. in your post but I will say you must involve the police if you suspect the husband even mildly. There's only so much psychic protection can do - the police, social services etc are there for a very good reason.

What strikes me with your latest developments is that the matter is no longer merely a psychic one. The most important thing here seems to be to involve professional authorities in your Aunt's care - let the hospital staff, the police, and social services know your concerns about your Aunt's husband - if she is suffering at the hands of domestic trauma, abuse, even subtle attempts at killing her, then the police must be involved. It sounds like she needs to break away from her household for a while and consider protection of some sorts - not psychic but on a physical level, eg. a temporary new place of residence.

NB, with regards yto your comments concerning the husband being brainwashed: with brainwashing, a person has to allow themself to be brainwashed first, even subconsciously. The blame must be laid at the hands of those who commit the crime. Eg. if person a) tells person b) to kill someone then you do not accuse person a) of the murder, as it is person b) who had the final choice in the matter. This counts even if person a) is a spirit, especially as you can't arrest a spirit! We all have free will as humans.

Please email if you have further concerns.
Wed,09 Apr 2008,11:13:41 GMT

The Source Society - Yvonne said:

Hi Katie,

A lot of people have replied to all 3 previous stories and have been giving you a lot of valuable advise. In order for any of them to help you further and to enable them to understand the full extend of what is going on, maybe you can tell us all what advise you have tried out and how it has or hasn't worked...

Brightest Blessings,
Mon,24 Mar 2008,10:33:10 GMT
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